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There are a number of misconceptions that people have about having flat roofs on their property. Some may be mistaken in thinking that they are more prone to water damage, while others may remember some unflattering older designs. In recent times, the design of flat roofs has adapted with the modern era and can now offer a range of advantages over previous designs. Here are a few reasons why your Saltburn home could benefit from having a flat roof.


One of the biggest benefits of getting a flat roof is the way in which it can overhaul the look of your home in a way that is relatively affordable compared to other forms of construction projects.

Furthermore, you can also reduce the cost of repair work due to the fact it is a lot easier for a contractor to get to a flat roof as opposed to one at an angle. This means that a lot of the typical work such as cleaning gutters or repairing holes could be done within a day, minimising disruption for you and your neighbours.

Flat roofs also provide an opportunity for people with limited space to have their own gardening area. It can also free up space in other ways, such as a place where you can have a barbecue in the summertime or a place to lounge in the sun.

What you should know

It is fair that people look at the term flat roof and think it refers to a structure that is completely flat. However, this is not quite true as the design has a slight slope. This is necessary so that water can run off and minimise any potential water damage in your home.

Furthermore, after adding a flat roof it does provide an opportunity for additional expansion. It can be a place to add a lounge area, roof garden or even an extra bedroom for people who want to stay overnight.

Getting the best service

As with any construction work, it is important to make sure that a flat roof is installed to the best possible standard, both in terms of the material used and the work that goes into the job. With AAA Roofing, each flat roof installed comes with a 15 year guarantee. Whether it is hot bitumen sealed, glassfibre reinforced plastic, polycarbonate or concrete, you can be rest assured that you will be getting contractors that have the certification and experience to handle the materials in the right way and get the job done.

Furthermore, the team has won awards for health and safety so you can be rest assured that protecting the people working on the project and everyone around the environment of the construction project is part of the process.

Find out more

There are various options when it comes to installing a flat roof. We can go over the materials available and what will be best suited for your particular requirements.

For more information and to discuss a potential project in Saltburn and the surrounding local area please use the contact form today and we will be happy to let you know what we can do for you.

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