Flat Roofs

Flat Roofs

Flat roofing seems to have a very poor reputation. Using the best quality materials available on the market we can safely leave the flat roofing myths far behind. AAA Roofing offer a first class service from start to finish with a guarantee of over 15 years. 

Excelling in every aspect of roofing, our flat roof systems are second to none. The traditional flat roof system process involves layering high performance felt and sealing it down with hot bitumen. However we now offer many specialised options including GRP or (Glassfibre Reinforced Plastics) , Bitumen based felt, Poly Carbonate and Concrete Roofing

GRP (Glassfibre Reinforced Plastics)

What is a GRP roof?

A GRP roof is a lightweight, modern and high performance waterproof system, suitable to any flat roof area. It is constructed in the following order...the original roof or new build will be stripped down to the timbers (if in good health) a new 18mm OSB3 tongue and groove decking will be installed onto the timber work. Following this pre-formed GRP trims will be installed to the perimeter of the decked roof, this will then be capped over with a mixture of 600 gram matting and epoxy resin. When this is in place another layer of epoxy resin will be applied on top of the existing matting. Once left to dry this is topped off with a high performance pre-pigmented 'topcoat'.

GRP was discovered in the late 1940's and has quickly become a popular method, being cheaper and more flexible than carbon fibre, it is stronger than many metals by weight, and can be moulded into complex shapes as well as used for other products such as aircraft, swimming pools, water tanks and boats.

Felt flat roofing

The traditional method of flat roofing, felt roofing has been the UK's favourite flat roofing system for many years and has only recently being challenged by the arrival of the GRP system. After being tried an tested for many years, the felt roofing system is one of the best methods. We have successfully installed a countless number of felt roofs all over the country, using only the best quality high performance underlay and mineral felt. 

The procedure of manufacturing a felt flat roof is as follows...the original roof or new build will be stripped down to the timbers (if in good health) a new OSB3 decking will be installed onto the timber work, when secured in place we then install our first protective layer. This layer is one of two high performance underlay layers. We pin this in place without using any heat or primers, once in place the second layer of high performance underlay is installed by using a gas fueled hand held torch and again this is a high performance underlay. The roof is then 'capped' with a high performance mineral felt, which is also applied with a propane gas heat gun. 


                      (Felt roofing system)                                        GRP (Glassfibre Reinforced Plastics)